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59 bis rue Bellevue
Boulogne Billancourt


Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions of sale are intended to govern the contractual relations between us, namely Akshay Jewellery and you, i.e. the customer, defined below as the user of the site and accepting the present general terms and conditions of sale.

More specifically, these general terms and conditions of sale set out the conditions for ordering, payment, delivery and management of any returns of products ordered by the customer.

Customers may simply and freely refer to these general terms and conditions of sale at any time by clicking on the "terms and conditions" link. In this way, if customers order any products, they will be considered to have definitively and irrevocably accepted all of the general terms and conditions of sale presented hereafter.

Conditions for placing orders:
If customers wish to place an order, they will fill out, as indicated to them online, a form provided including the information required for their identification and more specifically their surname, first name, postal address, phone number, email address, etc.

Once customers have chosen the products presented, they will definitively validate their order, based on a summary display onscreen, by "clicking" to confirm that they understand and accept the general terms and conditions of sale. As soon as your order has been confirmed and processed by Akshay, it has been registered and is binding for the customer. Customers will be sent confirmation of any orders placed with Akshay Jewellery through its internet site, with an order confirmation sent out as quickly as possible and based on the following options: email, telephone or mail.

No order cancellations will be accepted without prior approval from Akshay Jewellery.

The product photos and descriptions, and more specifically the theoretical silver weights, sizes and dimensions, are provided solely for reference. Prices are given for information and may be subject to change at any time. Akshay Jewellery may not be liable in any way for any technical errors or misprints and customers may not make any claims in this respect.

Akshay Jewellery recommends that customers who order directly on its internet site should save or print out a copy of the order form until they have received the order confirmation email sent out to the customer by Akshay Jewellery.

Conditions for payment:
All purchases made on the site are payable upon ordering. This means that no products may be shipped to customers if they have not previously paid 100% of the product's sales price and any delivery charges applicable.

To ensure that no disputes arise concerning sums paid by customers, Akshay Jewellery always sends customers a pro forma bill.

Akshay Jewellery reserves the right to suspend any management of orders and any deliveries in the event of any authorization being rejected for payment by bankcard and/or any other means of payment by officially accredited bodies or in the event of failure to make payments and/or a case of fraud, and may open proceedings against the perpetrators of any such fraud.

More specifically, Akshay Jewellery reserves the right to refuse to make any delivery or honour any order from customers who have not paid all or part of any previous order or with which it currently has a payment dispute.

Any late payment due to the initial bankcard payment being rejected or any other factor will result in an increase in the amounts due, with penalties for late payment applied equal to four points above the bank base rate and applicable as from the day of the product's delivery and the application of a penalty clause.

Akshay Jewellery reserves the right to open proceedings for any attempts to use fraudulent means of payment and/or reach amicable settlements for disputes concerning fraudulent payments or any attempts at fraudulent payment subject to payment from the customer for the amount due, in addition to any administrative costs.

You may use two means of payment offering maximum security guarantees.
You may pay:
- by bankcard,
- by bank transfer

Bank references for transfers are available on request by email.
Please indicate the reference for your order in the title of the bank transfer.

Akshay Jewellery>

Deliveries are made within 48 hours of your bank transfer being received and validated if the products are in stock; if the products are not in stock, count 3 to 4 weeks following your order (production times). Bank transfer charges are to be covered by you and we must receive the total sum corresponding to the price of the jewellery.

Product information:
The site presents the products for sale with the necessary characteristics in accordance with Article L 111-1 of the French consumer code (Code de la Consommation), which requires potential buyers to be able to determine the essential characteristics of the products they wish to purchase before placing their definitive order.

The documents relating to products presented on the site (descriptions, technical fact sheets, photographs, etc.) are given for reference and are not binding for Akshay Jewellery in terms of the actual product, and may not call into question the validity of any order or sale. Akshay Jewellery may not under any circumstances be liable for damages or be required to cancel an order if it proves impossible to use the product purchased due to any incompatibility with the product's component or components.

The products and prices presented on the site are only valid within the limits of available stocks and no damages may be claimed in the event of any shortage or cancellation.

Product sales prices are expressed in euros.

Product prices may be subject to change at any time. The sales price retained for a product's purchase corresponds to that seen online when the order is registered on the internet site (except for in the event of any misprints).

Any delivery and insurance charges are to be covered by the customer and billed in addition to product sales prices.

Customers will always be notified before their order is definitively registered of any delivery charges relating to the order in question, and payment will be requested from customers for the total amount of their purchase, including the prices of the products ordered and the delivery charges (with the exception of countries involving any specific conditions for imports). In this way, when customers confirm approval of payments for their order, this implies that they agree to pay the corresponding delivery charges. As such, delivery charges do not represent a valid reason for calling an order into question after it has been definitively registered.

Conditions for delivery:
Products purchased on the site can be delivered worldwide.

Products are delivered to the address indicated by customers when making their purchase. Deliveries will be shipped. Deliveries may only take place once the order has been validated by the customer and payment has been made in full. The banking payment centres concerned will therefore have given their approval for the payment beforehand. If the said centres reject payments, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Deliveries will be considered to have been made as of the date when the goods are first presented at the delivery address indicated by customers in their orders.
Customers are required to check the conformity of the goods delivered upon delivery.
Any anomalies relating to the delivery (damage in transit, missing product in relation to the order form, damaged package, broken products, etc.) must be indicated within two (2) working days of the delivery date in a letter sent recorded delivery with delivery receipt setting out such claims to:

Akshay Jewellery
59 bis rue de Bellevue

92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Customers will be required to provide a copy of this letter by email to Akshay Jewellery. If the item ordered is available in stock, the timeframe is five working days for any order placed before 1 pm. In the event of a stock shortage, restocking may take 3 to 4 weeks.

The delivery times will only begin as from the date when payment for the order has been validated.

Akshay Jewellery may not be held liable in any way in the event of a case of force majeure or exceptional occurrences (natural disaster, epidemic, strike, etc.) meaning that deliveries of goods are delayed or not possible.

In any case, items may only be delivered on time if customers are up to date regarding their obligations in relation to Akshay Jewellery.

If Akshay Jewellery is unable to deliver within the timeframes indicated, customers will be offered a replacement product at an equivalent price to their purchase or simply the reimbursement of their purchase.

Customers will be required to submit any complaints concerning delivery errors and/or cases in which products are not compliant in terms of their nature or quality in relation to the information indicated on the delivery form to Akshay Jewellery on the same day as the delivery or by the latest on the first working day following delivery. Any complaints made after this time will be rejected.
Such complaints must be submitted to Akshay Jewellery in a letter sent recorded delivery.

Any complaints not made in accordance with the rules set out above and within the timeframes applicable will not be able to be taken into consideration, and Akshay Jewellery may not be held liable in any way in relation to the customer.

Satisfied or money back:
As of your order's delivery date, you have seven full days to exercise your right of return. However, only products that are returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging may be reimbursed (with delivery and return costs to be covered by the customer).

After this time, your items will not be returned or exchanged!

For your request to be processed, you must first contact Akshay Jewellery's after sales service department in order to inform them that you intend to return the item or items in question and obtain an order number as well details on how to proceed.

Items must be returned in a package that is insured for the value billed. For items sent without insurance, Akshay Jewellery may not be held liable for any losses or theft incurred during shipping. All the jewellery and items sold on the internet site are insured from their date of purchase against any hidden design or production defects. This cover excludes loss, theft, deliberate or accidental damage, normal wear and tear or the consequences of any improper use. In any case, the costs of returning items to our departments are to be covered by the customer, in addition to the costs incurred for processing the return.

Retention of ownership and liability:
Akshay Jewellery will retain ownership of the goods until they have been paid for in full by the customer. Ownership of products is transferred to the customer when the price is paid in full. However, during the period from delivery through to transfer of ownership, the risks of loss, theft or damage are borne by the customer.

If customers fail to fulfil their payment obligations, for any reason whatsoever, Akshay Jewellery has the right to demand the immediate return of the goods delivered, with the costs and risks to be borne by the customer (any work required to restore the items to their previous condition will be covered by the customer).

Akshay Jewellery will retain ownership of the registered trademark Akshay, Akshay Jewellery and

A detailed bill will be sent to you with your package. Akshay Jewellery is committed to protecting the private life of customers ordering items on its internet site and processes information relating to them in the strictest confidentiality. When customers make a purchase, they are requested to provide only essential items of information (surname, first name, postal address, email address, etc.) for the quality processing and attentive monitoring of their order. These data which are entered online are recorded on a secure server and immediately encrypted. Customers are entitled to access, modify, rectify and delete any data concerning them. The general terms and conditions of sale presented above are governed by French law. Any disputes concerning these general terms and conditions of sale will be submitted to the Nanterre trade court (Tribunal de Commerce).